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The gateway for doing business between the Arab world and Switzerland

As economists like to say ‘demand creates offer’ and it was with this ethos in mind that owner and founder Ayman Abualkhair decided to create the network back in 2015.

After spending several years in Swiss Arab trade relations, Ayman saw what one could call a ‘gap’ on the market. The Arab world is comprised of 22 states, which despite their many similarities, have completely different administrative and legal systems, business environments and investment landscapes, as does Switzerland.

The need for economic information and business advice has always been here. And with the advent of the internet and IT technologies, the answer can often be found just a few clicks away, making Saentrepreneurs the perfect gateway for doing business. From Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and even startup enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to join and all of that for a very low cost.

Saentrepreneurs is the first social business platform dedicated to Swiss entrepreneurs looking to do business in the vibrant Middle East and North Africa region. Designed to equip investors with the right tools and information for faster and better decision-making, it also acts as a podium for connecting and sharing vital information with your peers, while enhancing your professional network and business relationships.


Business network

Saentrepreneurs provides investors from both sides of the negotiating table to gain comprehensive insight into potential investment opportunities and high growth markets by economic sector.

With smart research tools and instant messaging among its core features, the platform would also offer the option to upload different types of content, another unique and powerful aspect of its capabilities, further enhancing the process of virtual interaction and delivering the perfect user experience.


Our goal and mission

Saentrepreneurs aims to connect public and private sector players with economists, market analysts and financial experts to exchange groundbreaking ideas and cooperate on current and future projects in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and beyond.

Our mission is to serve a growing number of investors looking to tap into the Middle East’s fast-expanding business sector by providing guidance and facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a virtual network of business entrepreneurs from the Arab world and beyond and empower them with the tools to develop the best and most efficient business strategy in an increasingly competitive business environment.



Although we all know English is the language of the business world, Saentrepreneurs can also be accessed in Arabic, French and German, catering to a multilingual audience and making sure no one’s left behind.


Website features

Business news

Saentrepreneurs offers daily updates and economic news from the Arab world, split up in categories per country with search filters allowing you to browse and view stories by date.


Periodic magazine                   

A digital magazine is another key part of the platform and a major tool to shine light on Swiss-Arab economic relations, and a tribune for officials, experts and business executives from both sides.


Each edition is intended to treat a specific country, economic developments and trends, while also reviewing renowned regional forums, exhibitions and events, making ideal for promoting future economic activities in the region and beyond. It also addresses various economic subjects of interest to the Swiss-Arab entrepreneurs’ community.

The majority of the content is open for public users, with no need to register. However, to access the website’s special features such as smart research tools, business guides, detailed information on current and future projects, newsletter and email notifications, you need to have a registered account. For more information on different account types, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Calendar of Events

The platform has a powerful tool providing timeline information about future economic activities in the Arab countries, Switzerland, and worldwide. This includes future forums, conferences and exhibitions, just to mention a few. This tool is user friendly with the possibility to use filters according to country or type of activity, and offers the option for an online subscription in some cases.



Saentrepreneurs is looking forward to step from the virtual world into the real world by organizing various business networking events, exhibitions and forums. Other events could also be organized upon clients’ request.


Business opportunities

Saentrepreneurs is an info-networking platform that allows users to create post and share profiles on the web and gain access to economic information, projects taking place in the Arab world and Switzerland currently.

The platform provides users with unique access to new investment opportunities and business development tools, particularly useful but not limited to SMEs and startups looking to attract financing or investors searching for new projects to grow their business and add value to its shareholders.



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Enjoy the power of entrepreneurs' platform offering comprehensive economic information on the Arab world and Switzerland, with databases on various economic issues, mainly Swiss-Arab trade statistics, a platform linking international entrepreneurs and decision makers. Become member and be part of international entrepreneurs' network, where business and pleasure meet.




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