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22 Feb 2016 Written by

The Pool of Experts is a global multi-disciplinary network of professionals who can provide Local Governments as well as private companies and businessmen with necessary support and expertise when developing their projects. The variety of countries and the different sectors requires a wide range of expertise and skill sets from many different themes and sectors to help outline the strategic direction, offer specific technical support, guide organizational improvements (process and structure), as well as provide financial advice or build capacity to develop bankable project concepts. This includes all sort of economic sectors: industry, energy and renewable energy, transport, construction, infrastructure, urban planning, health, food and cosmetic, Islamic economy...etc as well as expert in doing business and business culture.

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The invitation to join the Pool of Experts is extended to professionals with a proven track record. These may include experts from research and academia, the business sector, non-governmental organizations, financing institutions, as well as local, sub-national and national governments (contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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